Black Roses – Prologue (on Wattpad) Loving affection and hard-earned wealth define the tight-knit Jacobs clan. Though the members of the vast expanse of a family reside all across the world, patriarch and engineer Rick Jacobs and his wife, Liz, see to it-through parties, celebrations, and Sunday dinners at their Barrington home-that everyone stays linked. One night, all is shattered when Rick, following his granddaughter’s birthday party, dies unexpectedly. ~~~~ Miles away, in a Providence precinct, Detective Stephen Bennett sits at his paper and file-covered desk, having not slept a full night in months. His mind runs wild with images and information; each piece too detailed, too graphic, too close. But when a member of the Jacobs family begs Bennett to find the truth behind Rick’s sudden demise, the detective finds himself thrust beneath skeletons, scandal, and deceit; digging for his life…

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