Capturing Light and Color with Film Composer @ericchristian

To see more of Eric’s photos, head over to @ericchristian on Instagram. For more music stores, check out @music.

“I love certain tones, like whites and browns and reds and oranges. But the most important thing is lighting,” says 23-year-old film composer Eric von Fricken (@ericchristian).

Eric, who’s based in Boston, began playing piano at the age of four. However, he only got into taking photos recently, thanks to a good friend who’s a professional photographer. Now Eric approaches his pictures the same way he writes his music: through an outside eye, with a willingness to revise and revisit his work.

“It’s easy to get pulled in when you’re creating or you’re taking a photo,” he says. “But to be able to step back and look at it like it was from somebody else, I use that a lot with music and photography. You write and rewrite. Maybe the melody should be a French horn or maybe it should be a cello. There’s no right or wrong answer to photography or music, it’s just which route do you want to go.”

––Instagram @music

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