Review: Debug Heroes by Ronel Van Tonder

Having become acquainted with Van Tonder’s work through “Compile Quest,” the first in the Corrupted Sun Script series, I looked forward to diving right into this one, hoping for the same action-packed, adventurous storyline with heavy-hitting characters that saturated the first in the series.
I am thrilled to say I was not disappointed.
The story, which picks up where Compile Quest left off, begins with a communication log, something that I don’t think I’ve seen very much of before in a book.
As you read through it, you begin to see that it drives the plot. Also, Van Tonder ensures that the reader is not lost as time is taken to brief the reader on what has led up to the current circumstances.
In short, Van Tonder’s writing is innovative and thrilling.
I’m very much looking forward to book 3!

You can check out both Compile Quest (Book 1) and Debug Heroes (Book 2) here: 

Compile Quest

Amazon US

Amazon UK

Debug Heroes

Amazon US

Amazon UK

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