“Eye of the Storm” is a work of art. Elle Klass’ construction of a story that touches the heart, tingles the spine, and boggles the mind, begins with a chilling, telling and beautifully-done poem entitled “Twas the Night Before Death.” 
It grabbed me and wouldn’t let go right then and there. From there, she pulls no punches. She dives right in to a story that leaves the reader panting, desperate for more and more. 
Despite this, you never lose track of this wonderful story’s train or who is speaking at any given time as the pace moves toward an ending that you will not see coming. Speaking of the characters, Eilida is one whom you will both feel with and for. 
I won’t give anything away, but I will say that Elle Klass is a wonderful author and I am looking forward to reading more and more of her.

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