“As Snow Falls” by Elle Klass – Blog Tour


Hey all, sorry its been such a long time. If I haven’t been putting pen to paper for “One Minute There”, I have been reading other awesome authors and, not long ago, I finished what can only be described as a beautiful piece of literary genius from an author in a class all her own and no doubt destined for “legend” status in the writing world.

Her book, “As Snow Falls,” is truly an amazing body of work that you will have to not only read but something you will experience for yourself as you peruse word by word.


Here is the summary as told by the author:

It is the 20th century in California and the main character, a woman, has lived her life to the fullest. Nestled in her favorite spot during a snow storm she recalls the events of her life from her earliest memories of resisting birth and losing that futile battle to finding her true love and their beautiful family. There are monkey wrenches thrown in at every turn as she struggles to find her place; demonic teachers, cliquish students, her nightmare job, a love lost, and an earthquake that threatens her family. Life continues to dismay her until she can’t take it anymore and sets off on a journey. She is a lost soul with no destination, a wandering heart until something happens, something so incredible she could have never imagined it! Through her harrowing and dark story she finds light, justice and true love. She is a humble and lovable character who is quite ordinarily extraordinary. Her story is anyone’s story.

To start, before you get into an amazing story, you’ll enjoy some wonderful artwork. Then once you get to the tale, you will feel…THAT’S RIGHT, FEEL…the author. You won’t be simply reading words on a page anymore.

I don’t want to give away too much, but I will tell you this: This story will take your emotions all across the board and the main character especially is someone that everyone can identify with and understand.

With that being said, I will be watching for more from this author. I thoroughly enjoyed reading “As Snow Falls” and am looking forward to so much more.

5 stars all the way!

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Not only did I have the pleasure of reading this book, but I was able to speak with the author, Elle Klass, for her blog tour.


Elle was born into this world in Redwood City, California and spent her childhood growing up in the fabulous San Francisco Bay Area. She is an avid San Francisco Forty Niners fan. She has raised two beautiful daughters, and currently resides in Florida. For fun she reads, spends time at the beach, travels, and enjoys time with her favorite friends, and family. She is a night-owl known to be a hermit during rainy days, as she has a love for sun, and is mostly found poolside over the hot, humid summer months.

In the following interview, she speaks on her journey through “As Snow Falls,” her writing process, her favorite things and more.


Max: When did you begin writing? What attracted you to writing? 

Elle: As a child I hated writing, the actual physical act of writing but I loved to make up and read stories. My sister’s and I used to tape record, I’m showing my age here, spur of the moment stories that would roll off our tongues. We would take turns and come up with some crazy stuff that would send us into hysterical fits of laughter when we played it back. I starting writing a lot of poetry and when I got my first computer I learned how enjoyable and painless writing  was. I know some authors actually prefer to write, write but not me. I even have a keyboard for my tablet.

Max: I really enjoyed reading “As Snow Falls.” Were there some aspects of the story where you used your own life or even specific encounters or situations as part of the story? How did the idea for this story come about? Is there a message you want your readers to get from this? 

Elle: As Snow Falls was really my first novel writing adventure. I wanted to do something different, something most authors wouldn’t dare to do so I did. I created As Snow Falls. The story came to me while I was sitting by my pool one hot, humid miserable Florida summer. There are bits and pieces of my experiences in the story such as her perfume mishap in the beginning. I really did sneak into my older sister’s room and play with her perfume. One day I spilled it. She threw a fit when she came home from school. I’m pretty sure she still remembers that too. I would have to say that the message in As Snow Falls is life is a puzzle, each piece fits delicately into the others. Never force it. As Snow Falls is also a story of details, each and every line leads to the climax.

Max: Describe your process for writing “As Snow Falls”.

Elle: Much the same as all my books. I start with the idea and let it flow from there. I make a huge rough draft. Next, I edit stuff out or in. I then have others read it for their input. As with most my stories I wrote the ending not long after I wrote the beginning. This keeps me on target and moving towards my final goal.

Max:  Is this something that you do for all of your writing or does your process vary based on the work?

Elle: No, I pretty much follow the same format for all my writing which is why I have a ton of huge rough drafts. One day they will be full fledged books. I like to write the entire story. My mind won’t rest until I have it all out. Then I let it age for a month or two or more years and then go back.

Max:  What is your favorite genre to read?

Elle: There are so many but I want a book that makes me think, and opens the doors to my own imagination. I read science fiction, horror, paranormal, mystery, a lot of stuff. I’m not genre specific.

Max: What is your favorite genre to write?

Elle: Again, I like it all. My books and stories bounce around genres. A good friend of mind once said, ‘you have your own genre’. He was write. All my books are very different but the one thing they all have in common is my voice.

Max: What is a genre that you haven’t written but want to write in the future?

Elle: Mystery, one day I want to write a good old-fashioned who-dunnit, like in the game Clue.

Max: Who are some of the authors that have influenced you and/or your writing?

Elle: I would say my biggest influences were authors I read as a teen such as V.C. Andrews. She is my all time favorite, although I don’t feel my writing is much like hers. I also admire a good freaky Stephen King novel. Another book I read and I can’t remember the author but the book has stayed with me for decades is Reliquary. Today, the authors who influence me the most are those who I have gotten to know. I enjoy their honesty, support and ideals. 

Max: How can readers discover more about you?

Elle: Readers can visit my website at https://elleklass.weebly.com, sign up for my mailing list and get updates automatically whenever I post. Or follow my blog at https://thetroubledoyster.blogspot.com. I also have an author page on Facebook at https://www.facebook.com/ElleKlass. My twitter handle is @elleklass. I’m a regular social bunny and pretty much everywhere.


Be sure to check out this indie author! I know I sure will!

Thanks for tuning in and enjoy the music!



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