Cheers To A Life Well Lived

Hi Readers,

So I got some sad news today that I’m sure you’ve already found out by now.

Maya Angelou passed away at 86 years old today.

She was a writer.

She was a poet.

She was a Civil Rights Activist.

She was a woman who, despite everything and everyone that conspired against her, became a success in every sense of the word.

Most of all, and I have no doubt about this, she was an amazing person.

As I’m writing this, there are tears in my eyes.

I’ve never met her. I always hoped that I would get the chance.

Even still, I feel as though she’s a part of me.

Let me explain.

I myself began writing at nine years of age. At that time, I never saw it as a way to earn a living for the rest of my list. 

Mainly, it had been a hobby after homework and my real loves:

bike riding and football.

It wasn’t until my teen years when the life I knew took a drastic and vicious hit and shattered everything I believed about people and life as a whole. As a result, I engaged in some extremely self-destructive behaviors, largely due to the fact that I did very little talking to others and wrote next to nothing.

So I held everything in.


Until one day, I happened to be in the library and I picked up “I Know Why The Caged Bird Sings.”

I had read it before for school assignments, but, at that moment, it had new meaning for me.


The next thing I knew, everything changed.


I was recharged.


I got help.


My pen was moving.


And it hasn’t stopped since.


So here’s to Dr. Angelou and a life well done. (1928-2014)



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