Niki Savage and The Crossfire Trilogy

Hey all!

So after the reading “Crossfire,” the first in a series by the same name by the incomparable

Niki Savage, I just had to pick up the book that I just recently finished entitled “Crossfire: Fire and Ice." 

This book had all of my favorite elements: craziness, conflict, angst.

With just a hint (or a few) of sex and love. 

In this book, Fire and Ice, Marcelle and Stefan, after a huge betrayal on Stefan’s part, haven’t been the same since they’ve last seen each other and the aforementioned betrayal had taken place. 

But Stefan’s been watching her from afar and noticed that she’s fallen into some very destructive habits and decides he’s going to change that and save her life whether she wants him to or not. 

What ensues will alter the course of their lives forever. 

I, for one, am looking forward to reading "Hearts on Fire.” If Crossfire and Fire and Ice are any indication, this trilogy and Niki Savage will be legends in the literary world. 

You can find Savage’s work in the Crossfire Trilogy here:

-Max,                                                                                                                             Author of “The Bleeding”; Available now on Smashwords, Amazon, and WaveCloud

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