“Not One” is “Among” A Class All Its Own

Hey Readers, 

How are you? I’ve been away for quite awhile, but I’m back with a review of a book entitled “Not One Among Them Whole: A Novel of Gettysburg” by Author Edison McDaniels. 


“Not One Among Them Whole” is not your typical recording of history. It does not simply state the text of a history book concerning a matter that many know of. This story tells of the terrors surrounding the Battle of Gettysburg. 

It speaks from the point of view of characters that will tug on your heartstrings and push you to the edge of your seat. 

In school, I learned of the Battle of Gettysburg, but never like this. 

If you long for a wonderful combination of history, blatant realism, and a connection with relatable characters, this is for you. 

Edison McDaniels is a genius and I am certainly looking forward to more of his work. 

You can get “"Not One Among Them Whole: A Novel of Gettysburg”  at the links below: http://www.amazon.com/NOT-AMONG-THEM-WHOLE-ebook/dp/B00AP7QGHO


You can also check out his author page here: 


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