The Kids: You’re Being Watched


I’m a huge fan of both Janelle Monae and B.O.B and have listened non-stop to one song in particular, “The Kids,” on numerous occasions: 

Only recently have I really listened and grasped the lyrics:

“We’re trapped inside the matrix

Forced to play our hand

We’re filled with so much hatred

The kids don’t stand a chance.”

So heartbreaking and so powerful.

During the process of the Zimmerman trial, I’ve watched the prosecution and defense argue their standing, listened to various opinions on the matter from lay people, and heard a verdict that caused me to wretch.  

** ***

 But NO ONE can ignore this one fact: Trayvon Martin was a child, pursued and murdered because of his image in the eyes of another.

The case brought back to mind another in which the outcome stoked the fires of moral outrage around the world. Casey Anthony is free, but Caylee Anthony is dead and someone hated this little girl enough to make her that way. 

Trayvon and Caylee were from two different walks of life yet met the same horrifying fate.


 A couple of weeks ago, I tuned in to one of my favorite comedians, Gabriel Iglesias, and his latest special “Aloha Fluffy.” Now, I love all of his specials, but I took a liking to “Aloha Fluffy” because he spoke about his struggles to be seen as more than a “Latino Comic” or a “Fat Comic” as the press and other media outlets attempted to report him to be. 


That all changed when one person, Iglesias’ agent (If I’m not mistaken), saw him differently.

He took a chance on him and helped others to do the same.

 And they did.

Even to the point where his presence was requested by a prince in Saudi Arabia.

While in Saudi Arabia, a native of that country came up to him in tears begging him to tell others in America that not everyone in the Middle East is as horrible and violent as the news stations portray.


So, I said all that to say. We as adults have a responsibility all long as we are still on this earth.

We can’t keep letting hate happen and doing nothing about it.

There is a generation coming behind us and we owe them.

The least we can do is do better, think better, and be a little better every single day.

Because whether you like it or not, you are being watched.







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